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Emily, Emma, Em, anything really. I am whoever people want me to be. Here's to finding who I really am.


I love when you become so close with someone that you can see parts of each other in one another and you begin to say the same things and steal lines from one another and have a similar sense of humor and can exchange an inside joke with just a glance you don’t even have to talk because you have such a strong connection with them and you can sit in comfortable silence but also talk for hours it’s really hard to find that kind of compatibility

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how many whats until you give up on trying to hear what the person is saying

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Next older person to complain about millennials has to pay off a random 20-something’s student loans

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Anonymous asked: who are the most important people in ur life?


I would definitely have to start off with my family. All of them. I have a big, loud, nosy, Italian family and sometimes they drive me absolutely insane but they world to me. Especially my sister (barbiemuneca). Then the boyfriend is pretty important too. Sure, we have our moments and he drives me crazy but I wouldn’t want to be driven crazy by anybody else. At the end of the day, he is so caring and loving and helpful and oh so important to me. Finally, my friends are the glue that hold me together when everything else is a mess. People like Amylin, Morgan, Olga, Kathleen, Marcus have helped me through some shit. Whether it was actually serious or just me being overdramatic and emotional. Either way, I am so thankful for each and every one of these people.


"Das Ballsouper" by Adolph von Menzel, 1878

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